Our current minister is Revd Kat Bracewell.  As a young adult Kat worked in a television newsroom in Bristol before sensing the call to ministry.  She trained at Regent’s Park College then had a ten-year ministry in Nottingham, moving to New Road in Oxford in 2007.  Kat has two children and a small menagerie of pets.  She loves rugby and thinks it is the best game ever!  Kat is a trained Restorative Justice Facilitator and offers a few hours a month as a volunteer in this capacity.

In the summer Kat will be taking up a new position as minister of Windsor Baptist Church.  New Road will then begin the process of seeking a new minister.

The church is currently served by 9 Deacons.  Deacons are appointed by the church to offer servant leadership.  Our current deacons are:

Myra Blyth

John Chadwick (Church Treasurer)

Rosie Chadwick

Marion Fiddes

Dulce Hernandez

Mary Hope

Phil Raven

Deborah Rooke (Church Secretary)

John Woodward