Church Life


Our services take place on Sundays at 10.30am.  We use a mixture of old and new hymns and songs and aim to create a friendly, grounded, spiritual environment.  The children stay in for about 25-30 minutes before going to Junior Church groups.  All are very welcome.

Open Church

A group of people from the church is committed to keeping the chapel open during the week, to provide hospitality, help and friendship to the city centre community.  We are currently open 11am-2pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, where good conversation, tea and coffee can be found.  We usually hold a very short service of prayer at 12noon.

Children & Young People

Caring for children and young people is very high on our agenda.  We listen to them, respect and value their individuality and involve them in services and activities as much as possible.

There are two Junior Church groups on a Sunday morning, we keep the age-groupings flexible depending on the current cohort, but it’s more or less divided along the ages of primary and secondary school.

We have about 10 children and young people who are an active part of church life and we regularly arrange extra activities for them, such as lunches out, ice-skating, All Hallows’ Eve Parties, and Pantomime trips.

For more details see our young families and children page here, and our youth group page here.

Baptism & Blessing

Different churches have so much in common but there are some things we do differently.  Baptists believe that baptism should only be carried out if a person decides for themselves that they want to be baptised, therefore we administer ‘Believers’ Baptism’ for people who have chosen to be friends with Jesus.

For infants, we don’t use water.  Instead, during the Sunday service, a family comes to the front with their baby or young child, and we have an Infant Blessing.  The parents make promises to bring the child up the best they can; the church congregation offer their support, and then the minister takes the baby, places a hand on his/her head and prays God’s blessing upon them.  A certificate is issued when this takes place.

Social & Political Engagement


Like many cities, Oxford has a number of people sleeping rough on the streets.  Many years ago the churches of Oxford set up the Gatehouse LINK, which provides a meal for homeless people in the early evening.

In recent weeks, churches have become increasingly concerned about the Council cuts which are reducing beds and options for homeless people and have decided to work towards setting up a winter shelter, beginning at the end of 2017.  Watch this space!

Christian Aid

The church supports Christian Aid with prayer and giving.  The Oxford office for Christian Aid is based in our building.

Teach a Child (Africa)

Please see this link for information about a charity providing education for vulnerable youngsters in Africa, that was borne from this church.LINK

Refugees & Asylum Seekers

The church has played an active role in supporting and campaigning for asylum seekers in our congregation and remains politically aware on the issue.

Street Pastors

We are part of Oxford Street Pastors, providing a base for the pastors each week to take their break.  We serve on the management committee and have supported church members in becoming Street Pastors themselves.

Joint Public Issues Team

We find this Team’s publication incredibly helpful in shaping our response to current issues.